Discover all the features that make SharingApp the most advanced and user-friendly tool for your business success.


Sharing customers


The SHARING system allows a customer who downloads the SharingApp of his favorite shop to also see all the other contracted activities in the municipal, regional, provincial area including associations, groups or networks, generating an exchange of visibility, offers, promotions and initiatives.


E-commerce services


Customers of the participant businesses may join the SharingApp community and access basic information on the stores, buy or book directly online a wide range of products and services such as a table at the restaurant, a session at the hairdresser, an appointment for a tattoo, take-away dinner, flowers delivery, a quotation by a travel agency, a  reservation for a hotel room or for a meeting room, a handmade jewel, an advertisement on an influencer’s social page. All this and much more without having to call or send e-mails!


More services, greater opportunities


SharingApp enables customers of the participant businesses to access basic information on the stores, as well as to buy and book directly online services such as an event, a table, a haircut, a tattoo, a takeaway, a delivery, a quotation, a holiday, a room, a meeting, etc … without having to make calls or write emails.


Reduction of marketing costs


The SharingApp uses the push notification system on the customer’s mobile phone: this is a direct and effective tool to reach users with promotions and offers with a simple click. Furthermore, through push notifications, the customer will receive confirmation of the purchase of a product or the booking of a service. The system provides for the integration of the main Social Networks and automatic sharing of every activity carried out on SharingApp.




SharingApp is an excellent tool for building customer loyalty: it is always visible on the user’s phone, thus promoting continuous interaction with your company.




Today most people use mobile devices and apps have become a direct and effective tool to grow business revenues  in several distinct ways:

  • Businesses gain greater exposure through the App when members of the communities broadcast web content on  social networks to their connections, groups, or specific individuals
  • Businesses will be easily reachable by users through online maps, and geolocation tags of stores and events.
  • Businesses benefit from an inflow of additional advertising and economic revenues directly linked to the application.
  • SharingApp enables customers to interact in real-time with the online stores by browsing catalogs, viewing images, examining articles and sharing content.
  • SharingApp encourages repeat bookings and orders from customers even when they are away from home.
  • SharingApp enables businesses to send push notifications, communications and direct promotions to end users
  • SharingAp is simple and user friendly and its transparency makes it easier for consumers to purchase.
  • SharingApp is so convenient and versatile that it can be recommended from customer to customer of any business.


The technological model that is based on  advanced digital platforms that connect supply and demand for the fruition of evermore used goods or services.


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