No limits

No limits to your area, no ceiling to your earnings



Our vision


Today the world is heading towards a real digital breakthrough, an evolution of the system for purchasing goods and services that enable customers to fulfill their wishes with a simple touch on their mobile phone device. SharingApp is a system designed to accompany business owners on this new path of transformation. The commercial network is experiencing a shift from traditional brick and mortar retailing to e-commerce, that is to a digital level with a greater reach and highly competitive.


Our mission

How do we want to achieve this ambitious goal? We help local businesses to achieve their sales targets providing them with a tool to create a  Sharing Community. This enables them to reach a greater number of potential buyers joining the Sharing Community together with other merchants. In the digital world, the treasure of a business is its customer base and we will help them make the most of this important currency through SharingApp technology.


The candidate


If you are looking for the right opportunity for professional and economic growth that allows you to be not just a salesman but a real point of reference for the activities, associations and groups in your area, SharingApp is the right choice for you.

If you are a sales person with solid sales experience, are strongly motivated by achieving sales goals, are passionate about training and want to build a successful career, we would like to meet you.

You will be trained with specific and personalized courses, designed not only to improve your selling skills but also to teach you how to manage the administration of our digital, consulting and training services in autonomy. You will become autonomous in and responsible for the management of the customers contracted by you.

With SharingApp you receive a sales commission as a percentage of each business contracted by you both at the signing of the contract as well as at the annual renewal, generating a continuous income and multiplying your earnings in Multi Sharing without any area limit.


Have you purchased SharingApp and want to report a business that may be interested in it?


With the SharingApp Multi Sharing system, you receive a Token of  € 100.00 for each business reported and contracted, generating an income that allows you to reduce the purchase and maintenance fees well as giving you the opportunity to earn.


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