Sharing economy

The future economy that is revolutionizing the world


What is the sharing economy?


The sharing economy is a model of exchange of goods and services based on shared resources: an economic scheme that is redesigning the map of consumption and addressing important social needs all over the world.. The advantages of this innovative model are all-encompassing, not only financial. By sharing resources we improve corporate  image , minimize waste and  protect  the environment, with concrete advantages not only for the individual but  for the  community at large.


How does the sharing economy work?


The sharing economy is made possible by technological progress that enables a simple and effective use of digitally shared goods and services. The digital revolution has allowed an even greater coverage of internet, large online communities and new technology platforms such as Apps: this is why it is said that technologies are essential enablers of the sharing economy. The sharing of products, ideas, goods and services “exists” thanks to digital technology that connects people and makes it possible to develop apps and digital platforms; from the customer’s point of view, the tools that make this system possible are the PC, the Tablet but above all what has now become an extension of the human arm: the smartphone.


The idea of ​​SharingApp is born out of the sharing economy; it is a software program for smartphones that can be fully customized by buyers who become part of the Community. The SharingApp enables the sharing of customers at the municipal, provincial, regional level and is designed for a variety of users such as neighborhoods, associations, networks and groups.


The various businesses in any given area may subscribe and join the SharingApp community, upload their  products and services for sale in their online stores and share them with customers of other local businesses that  have downloaded the application. This creates a virtuous circle of sharing customers, enhancing exposure and increasing products, sales opportunities and  mutual support.


Today the mobile phone is like a universe at your fingertips, for every finger of your hand there is an increasingly connected  world to link to, book, share, download and scroll … being there is the winning choice …


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